Saturday, August 16, 2008

True Companion for 36 years!

On August 12, Barb and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary, an amazing testament to both God's blessing and the fact that Barb really does not do change! The night before we had a wonderful dinner on the PF Chang's patio overlooking the front range. When Barb and I made plans for the actual day, though, Barb said she wanted to go to the Rockies game with the Diamondbacks... no wonder I love her so much! So we got the tickets... and with a few phone calls, I made arrangements for a stadium message to my bride of 36 years. ( See end of video) About the third inning I finally had to point out the message that was playing between every inning..... she loved it.... but even liked it better when I told her it was tax deductible as a donation to the Rockies charities!

During the game Randy Johnson, yes, the original "Big Unit", sent a foul ball our way and I got my hand on it but didn't catch it.. oh well!

Enjoy the pictures from the past few years. Barb and I have been "True Companions" for 36 years... and we look forward to this next wonderful time of our lives together.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Lovin' Being Oma and Opa

Summer is nearly over, school has started for all, and babysitting the grandkids is now back in swing. Having the kids here with Oma and Opa is lots of fun...baking with Payton, filling the bird feeders ("seeders" as Payton calls them), flower & nature tours given by Opa, play time with the cousins, and reading books all makes for great times here in Littleton! We are blessed and are so happy to spend such great times with the kids. Hope you enjoy my first attempt at a slide show! Music to come next time!