Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh No! Ski day in Colorado

Whenever our grandson Brady drops something or sees a problem, he says "Oh No" in a really cute way. In fact, we have all taken to copying his " Oh no!" saying. So when Barb and I went skiing yesterday and saw this run, we had to take this picture:

We probably should have known it was an omen for later in the day when we chose to take an advanced run called " Triple Threat" which was all moguls...that was not fun! But all in all, we had an awesome first day of Colorado skiing. The temp was in the 30's at the base... not bad for Janurary... not a cloud in the sky and we skied up to lifts all day!

Our self photo taken at arms length...

Taking a break...

A professional photo taken for us at the top of the mountain:

Later in the day we recorded some amazing video of an Olympic hopeful who was skiing right near us! The grace... the beauty.... the speed!

We even saw a guy ski jumping near us. You will be awed by the "air" this guys gets in this video! I can't even imagine the guts it takes to try this move!

All in all a great day on the mountain... just a shadow of what we hope our retirement will be like.

And Colorado is STILL the place we belong!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Zoo Lights with Oma and Opa

Last week-end just before the end of the holidays, Barb and I enjoyed a night at the zoo lights with Payton and Brady. It was a warm night for winter in CO. so we drove downtown with the grandkids to enjoy the last night of holiday lights at the zoo. Cara and Wes thought that it was a great idea so they could go out for a "date night." We thought it was a great idea because we could have a "date night" with our grandkids. Payton and Brady thought it was a great idea because they LOVE animals.... and the lights were cool too!

Payton loved seeing the giraffes and seals and even found a white fox that nobody else had seen. That girls loves her animals. In this picture she took with Oma's camera, she found some white mountain goats.

That night Brady, Payton and I rode the carousel... or was it a merry go round.... never know which it is. I know it has something to do with which direction it goes... but we all loved it. Well , Payton and I did. Brady wasn't so sure about his camel!

After seeing a few more lights and not many more animals.... I think they all went down for a long winter's nap... we played on a covered wagon and rode some cool oxen and then stopped for a hot dog ( Brady's favorite part). Then it was on to home.

All in all, a fun night at the zoo and a great holiday memory!