Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Olympic Hopefuls!

In the spirit of the winter Olympics, Barb and I drove up to Copper Mountain for some skiing this past weekend. After two days and 8-10 inches of new snow, a bright, sunny yet cold day greeted us ... perfect winter conditions. A few runs in the morning. Coffee. A few more runs until a late lunch. One more run in the afternoon. (Our legs were dying as this was our first time up this year.) Quitting time at 3:00. A quick trip to our time share so we could sit in the hot tub in Breckenridge, and a glass of Cabernet before the ride home. Now that's a good day.

It is days like this that makes retirement look better and better all of the time.... and who knows... maybe they will start a senior division of the Winter Olympics. Barb wants the downhill. I'm thinking ski jumping!

Now check out this amazing footage of Barb... the speed... the grace.... the precision. Lindsay Vonn has NOTHING on this gal

And of course we have real time video footage of Bruce " Bode" Jansen on a daring Olympic run. Notice the commentary from the crack Olympic reporter! Not sure what she was doing with the creative camera angles, however.