Saturday, December 26, 2009

T'was the night before Christmas...

T'was the night before Christmas, and all through the house,
People had been busy, 'specially Mrs Griswold's spouse.

The Christmas lights were hung around the whole house with care,

in hopes that the family soon would be there.

Yes,house lighting takes time, take it from my mouth,

You've got years to catch up, my friend Mr. Krauth!

But on to the story of Christmas "09

We started Christmas eve morning with our family so fine.

All gathered at our house for breakfast and gifts,

First there were stockings, with an interesting lift...

Mark and Wes were quite something; they both were the star

playing in shorts they were "Heros guitar!"

And Nolan at opening presents was dandy,

but he was most focused on his Christmas candy!

A highlight of the morning, the best picture we did,
was at the foot of our tree with all four grandkids!

And certainly we paused to consider the charms
of new baby Heath in father Mark's arms

And nestled in Heath's arms, no, it isn't funny,
clutched in his hand is his first Christmas money

Later that day was the family awash
in the love of Christmas Eve in the home of Oma Bosch.

For over fifty years the tradition is alive
She's now 92 and and we still make the drive.

To sing Christmas carols and wait for "Jingle Bells"
to ring in Santa who brings presents so swell

For all of the children who sit in his lap
And a present for Oma before her nightly nap.

Thanks "Auntie Sue" for preparing the evening so fair
You did earn the right to sit in your chair!

Christmas day was dinner at Cara and Wes's
Home made lasagna was great I confess.

But nothing next to family and spending time with ones dear,
We just wish that Brad and Jayne soon would be here!

So now Christmas is over and we get back to the norm,
But we did babysit the kids and have an evening so warm.

Of playing some games and the wonderful hooks

"Oma" snuggled with Brady and Payton and several good books!

So as Christmas moves on out of our sight
We wish you the best.. to all a good night.

But remember the first gift given so long ago
A child in a manger, one who all Christians know.

A Savior was born on a cold winter's night
A star led the way with its brilliance so bright.

May we remember each year in the gifts that we give
The first gift God gave us, so that we all may live.

As the pictures all tell, and this poem has confessed,
God has showered this family, yes, we know we are blessed.
May you all know that blessing; may you all know the King
and the reason for this season and the Joy that He brings.

Blessings this Christmas season and in the New Year,
Bruce and Barb and family.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gifts at Christmas Time!

Last week Friday night, Barb and I had our first experience babysitting all four grand-children! Mark and Abby went out to dinner and Cara and Wes were shopping.... so all four! We are old hands at three with Nolan, Brady and Payton. But this time we added Heath, who was born on November 22. We were so busy we forgot to take pictures, but we did have some fun. These were some of the highlights:

1. Brady sitting on the potty and pushing so hard that he shot straight out into Barb!

2. Nolan reaching down into the unfilled tub to grab a ball that he and Brady were playing with. He ended up head down into the tub with his legs sticking straight up into the air. He was mad!

3. Changing Heath's diaper. Remember how small newborn diapers really are?

4. Payton consoling Heath with two bean bag Santas that Barb made years ago. He must have loved his two companions, because he fill right asleep. Then Payton took his picture:

Pretty cute, huh?
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. We will have everyone at our house in the morning for presents, so that each family can have Christmas day at their own house. Christmas Eve will be at Oma Bosch's again despite the fact that she fell and broke her hip a week ago, but she is back at home and doing amazingly well for 92 and 1/2. Pray for her and her recovery and for Barb and Sue who take on much of Oma's health management. But considering all, God had indeed showered us with the Christmas gifts of new birth,( Heath to Mark and Abby) new babies on the way ( Brad and Jayne are due in June) and good recovery for Oma Bosch. May you too, experience the Joy of our Lord's blessings this Christmas time.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Beatles, Beetles and "Grand-bugs" in the mountains


School has started already for a month, but Barb and I were able to sneak in a couple of fun get- aways during the past month. In the middle of August, we joined our friends Barry and Rene Meyer at their Grand Lake Cabin for the weekend. That was the Beetles! Their cabin overlooks Shadow Mountain Lake which in past years had no view of the lake. But because of the tremendous amount of beetle kill near Grand Lake, we actually had a great view of the lake from their deck. Can you say wine and cheese with great friends?

On Saturday, we hiked above timber line and had lunch at about 10,000 feet. It reminded me of scenes from the Sound of Music and was just a great day! On Sunday we hiked to some falls above Grand Lake and spent the afternoon driving over Trail Ridge to Estes Park... another wonderful day in the Colorado mountains.

The next week end we joined some of Barb's friends from work to attend a Beatles concert at Red Rocks, an amazing natural amphitheater just outside of Denver. The group is called 1964- The Tribute. They look exactly like the early Beatles with black suits, skinny ties, boots and beetle hair cuts. They also sound exactly like the Beatles and play their songs straight. We joined 10 thousand screaming fans in singing along with every word. It really is amazing. As they played, the words and harmonies came back immediately. If you ever get a chance to see these guys, do it!
Barb and I couldn't help ourselves and danced to a few of the Beatles greatest hits!

Red Rocks and Beatles...does it get any better?


Yes , it does get better: No matter where we travel or what we do, we can't wait to get back to our grand-kids. These little bugs are the best!

God is so good!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Can you say Chowda?

Last week Barb and I traveled to Boston and now I am actually posting this from San Diego..once again suffering for work! In Boston I was attending the NSDC ( National Staff Development Counsel) summer conference and had been selected to present a session on some professional growth intiatives we are doing at Grandview High School. I co- presented with Alicia Pray, our Technology Coordinator. It was a great professional stretch and it went well.

Barb decided to come out with me a couple of days early so we could tour Boston. Four great days of Boston weather and lots of fun before the work.

Barb and I in front of the USS Constitution.. Old Ironsides!

Barb sitting in the right field "good seats" in right field at Fenway PAK. Can you see the "Green Monster " behind her? This was a really great tour: Saw a red seat in center field marking where Ted Williams slammed the longest homerun in ball park history... over 500 feet from home plate!

Bunker Hill. We climbed all 290 steps to the top.

On the right is the tower of "Old North Church, where Paul Revere sent the signal: "One if by land, two if by sea!"

And no trip to Boston is complete without an "al fresco" dinner in Little Italy. Barb and I enjoying dinner at Vinny T's!

Barb must have walked 15-20 miles during my conference sessions. Several trips to the Boston Common to walk the Freedom trail, visit Paul Revere's house and Beacon Hill and many more historic sites.Took a harbor cruise. Quite a city and quite a trip.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Twins and Birthdays

February and March are busy times in our family with all of the birthdays and family celebrations. All of the special days coupled with Barb's babysitting of our three grandkids led to this post: The pictures you see are first about TWINS! Last week Barb was babysitting Nolan ( Mark and Abby's son) and he was in our bedroom looking at himself in our mirror. ( Mark likes to do this too!) Actually, he was kissing himself in the mirror....( who taught him that?) So we snapped this picture. I bet you didn't know that Nolan has a twin, did you? Mark and Abby have been keeping that from everyone... Pretty cute twins, huh?

The second set of twins is Barb and me. We finally broke down to buy helmets for skiing. Yesterday was our first day to try them out. Another beautiful Colorado ski day at Copper Mountain. It was near 40 degrees at the bottom and still great snow. I won't tell you about Barb's incredible wipe out on the last run. Skis and poles everywhere on a very steep slope.... other skiers asking her if it was a "yard sale" She says she was just trying out her helmet... Sure!
She slid down the hill to find a place to put her skis back on and found me watching and filming from the bottom!

These TWINS are Payton and Brady. Wes bought Brady a set of Nerf dart guns for his birthday. (See Brady and Payton preparing for battle.) Acutally, it was even better to watch Payton stalk her daddy with the guns. Begs the question: Who did you buy these guns for, Wes?
Of course, when Brady shot himself in the eye without the glasses, Cara's comment was: Great present, Wes! But the "twins in glasses" love playing Nerf house battle!

On to Birthdays! Enjoying my new I-pod and biking jersey from my kids! Great birthday presents!

On my birthday, I wanted to go out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants with all of the adult kids. A great night at Trappers ! We missed you Brad and Jayne.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh No! Ski day in Colorado

Whenever our grandson Brady drops something or sees a problem, he says "Oh No" in a really cute way. In fact, we have all taken to copying his " Oh no!" saying. So when Barb and I went skiing yesterday and saw this run, we had to take this picture:

We probably should have known it was an omen for later in the day when we chose to take an advanced run called " Triple Threat" which was all moguls...that was not fun! But all in all, we had an awesome first day of Colorado skiing. The temp was in the 30's at the base... not bad for Janurary... not a cloud in the sky and we skied up to lifts all day!

Our self photo taken at arms length...

Taking a break...

A professional photo taken for us at the top of the mountain:

Later in the day we recorded some amazing video of an Olympic hopeful who was skiing right near us! The grace... the beauty.... the speed!

We even saw a guy ski jumping near us. You will be awed by the "air" this guys gets in this video! I can't even imagine the guts it takes to try this move!

All in all a great day on the mountain... just a shadow of what we hope our retirement will be like.

And Colorado is STILL the place we belong!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Zoo Lights with Oma and Opa

Last week-end just before the end of the holidays, Barb and I enjoyed a night at the zoo lights with Payton and Brady. It was a warm night for winter in CO. so we drove downtown with the grandkids to enjoy the last night of holiday lights at the zoo. Cara and Wes thought that it was a great idea so they could go out for a "date night." We thought it was a great idea because we could have a "date night" with our grandkids. Payton and Brady thought it was a great idea because they LOVE animals.... and the lights were cool too!

Payton loved seeing the giraffes and seals and even found a white fox that nobody else had seen. That girls loves her animals. In this picture she took with Oma's camera, she found some white mountain goats.

That night Brady, Payton and I rode the carousel... or was it a merry go round.... never know which it is. I know it has something to do with which direction it goes... but we all loved it. Well , Payton and I did. Brady wasn't so sure about his camel!

After seeing a few more lights and not many more animals.... I think they all went down for a long winter's nap... we played on a covered wagon and rode some cool oxen and then stopped for a hot dog ( Brady's favorite part). Then it was on to home.

All in all, a fun night at the zoo and a great holiday memory!