Sunday, March 21, 2010

WalMart greeter hopeful

No big least not yet, and just an announcement that I have actually put in the paperwork to start my retirement process. My last day of official employment at Grandview will be the last day of June THIS SUMMER! I will start getting my retirement on the last day of July in 2010. Wow, that sounds final. However, due to a clause allowing me to work some in retirement, I will actually keep my current job through next year and work until the end of June, 2011.

After that Barb and I will be looking at some options. I know that I will work. Consulting? Blending a passion (cycling) with organizational skills into a job as a bike tour leader in Holland and the Colorado mountians? Wal mart greeter? Sales? I have always said that if I could "sell" nouns and verbs to 7th graders... I could sell anything.

So, if you have ideas for my future employment, let me know. I am networking. But Barb and I got a little taste of retirement this weekend. We drove up to Copper Mountain this Saturday morning and skied all day Saturday, stayed over night in Breck and skied again today. Two bright, sunny, great snow days in the CO mountains. So far, 60 is looking good!

Thanks for reading..... and eat your heart out, Kwas!
By the way... this is downtown Frisco after a wonderful day of skiing.