Saturday, December 26, 2009

T'was the night before Christmas...

T'was the night before Christmas, and all through the house,
People had been busy, 'specially Mrs Griswold's spouse.

The Christmas lights were hung around the whole house with care,

in hopes that the family soon would be there.

Yes,house lighting takes time, take it from my mouth,

You've got years to catch up, my friend Mr. Krauth!

But on to the story of Christmas "09

We started Christmas eve morning with our family so fine.

All gathered at our house for breakfast and gifts,

First there were stockings, with an interesting lift...

Mark and Wes were quite something; they both were the star

playing in shorts they were "Heros guitar!"

And Nolan at opening presents was dandy,

but he was most focused on his Christmas candy!

A highlight of the morning, the best picture we did,
was at the foot of our tree with all four grandkids!

And certainly we paused to consider the charms
of new baby Heath in father Mark's arms

And nestled in Heath's arms, no, it isn't funny,
clutched in his hand is his first Christmas money

Later that day was the family awash
in the love of Christmas Eve in the home of Oma Bosch.

For over fifty years the tradition is alive
She's now 92 and and we still make the drive.

To sing Christmas carols and wait for "Jingle Bells"
to ring in Santa who brings presents so swell

For all of the children who sit in his lap
And a present for Oma before her nightly nap.

Thanks "Auntie Sue" for preparing the evening so fair
You did earn the right to sit in your chair!

Christmas day was dinner at Cara and Wes's
Home made lasagna was great I confess.

But nothing next to family and spending time with ones dear,
We just wish that Brad and Jayne soon would be here!

So now Christmas is over and we get back to the norm,
But we did babysit the kids and have an evening so warm.

Of playing some games and the wonderful hooks

"Oma" snuggled with Brady and Payton and several good books!

So as Christmas moves on out of our sight
We wish you the best.. to all a good night.

But remember the first gift given so long ago
A child in a manger, one who all Christians know.

A Savior was born on a cold winter's night
A star led the way with its brilliance so bright.

May we remember each year in the gifts that we give
The first gift God gave us, so that we all may live.

As the pictures all tell, and this poem has confessed,
God has showered this family, yes, we know we are blessed.
May you all know that blessing; may you all know the King
and the reason for this season and the Joy that He brings.

Blessings this Christmas season and in the New Year,
Bruce and Barb and family.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gifts at Christmas Time!

Last week Friday night, Barb and I had our first experience babysitting all four grand-children! Mark and Abby went out to dinner and Cara and Wes were shopping.... so all four! We are old hands at three with Nolan, Brady and Payton. But this time we added Heath, who was born on November 22. We were so busy we forgot to take pictures, but we did have some fun. These were some of the highlights:

1. Brady sitting on the potty and pushing so hard that he shot straight out into Barb!

2. Nolan reaching down into the unfilled tub to grab a ball that he and Brady were playing with. He ended up head down into the tub with his legs sticking straight up into the air. He was mad!

3. Changing Heath's diaper. Remember how small newborn diapers really are?

4. Payton consoling Heath with two bean bag Santas that Barb made years ago. He must have loved his two companions, because he fill right asleep. Then Payton took his picture:

Pretty cute, huh?
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. We will have everyone at our house in the morning for presents, so that each family can have Christmas day at their own house. Christmas Eve will be at Oma Bosch's again despite the fact that she fell and broke her hip a week ago, but she is back at home and doing amazingly well for 92 and 1/2. Pray for her and her recovery and for Barb and Sue who take on much of Oma's health management. But considering all, God had indeed showered us with the Christmas gifts of new birth,( Heath to Mark and Abby) new babies on the way ( Brad and Jayne are due in June) and good recovery for Oma Bosch. May you too, experience the Joy of our Lord's blessings this Christmas time.