Sunday, March 22, 2009

Twins and Birthdays

February and March are busy times in our family with all of the birthdays and family celebrations. All of the special days coupled with Barb's babysitting of our three grandkids led to this post: The pictures you see are first about TWINS! Last week Barb was babysitting Nolan ( Mark and Abby's son) and he was in our bedroom looking at himself in our mirror. ( Mark likes to do this too!) Actually, he was kissing himself in the mirror....( who taught him that?) So we snapped this picture. I bet you didn't know that Nolan has a twin, did you? Mark and Abby have been keeping that from everyone... Pretty cute twins, huh?

The second set of twins is Barb and me. We finally broke down to buy helmets for skiing. Yesterday was our first day to try them out. Another beautiful Colorado ski day at Copper Mountain. It was near 40 degrees at the bottom and still great snow. I won't tell you about Barb's incredible wipe out on the last run. Skis and poles everywhere on a very steep slope.... other skiers asking her if it was a "yard sale" She says she was just trying out her helmet... Sure!
She slid down the hill to find a place to put her skis back on and found me watching and filming from the bottom!

These TWINS are Payton and Brady. Wes bought Brady a set of Nerf dart guns for his birthday. (See Brady and Payton preparing for battle.) Acutally, it was even better to watch Payton stalk her daddy with the guns. Begs the question: Who did you buy these guns for, Wes?
Of course, when Brady shot himself in the eye without the glasses, Cara's comment was: Great present, Wes! But the "twins in glasses" love playing Nerf house battle!

On to Birthdays! Enjoying my new I-pod and biking jersey from my kids! Great birthday presents!

On my birthday, I wanted to go out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants with all of the adult kids. A great night at Trappers ! We missed you Brad and Jayne.