Sunday, April 25, 2010

Springtime in the Rockies and Flamingos?

Barb and I woke up this morning with one of the "Joys" of working with high school kids: Pink Flamingos in the yard? Our Technology Students TSA club has a fundraiser going: It costs $25 for the club to fill up someone's front yard with Pink Flamingos... and we were "selected" for "flocking" this morning. Neighbors were calling us with : " Are you aware that you have Flamingos in your yard?" Brad called me from California and said: "I heard you have Flamingos in your yard!" I asked" How did you already find out?" He told me that it had already hit Facebook from our neighbor Eddie Compoz. Great!
Can you say "Pirate Flamingo?"

I called Cara and she brought Payton and Brady by before church. They loved running around in the middle of the Flamingos!
Payton's outfit even matches!

I think that it goes along with our springtime yard colors.

Not only are the Pink Flamingos "beautiful" as Payton suggests, but our yard is really beautiful at this time of the year:
The Rhododendrens were quite something:

Tulips for a "Dutchman" are essential!

Tulips and primroses. There is nothing the speaks more of springtime!

Hope everyone is doing well.... and may you all enjoy the love of Pink Flamingos some day in your life!

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Cara S. said...

Even with 50 pink flamingos everywhere, your flowers and grass make me jealous...
Guess we have a new idea for Payton's birthday. Where do they sell pink flamingos?