Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Three Sons... "Natural" Champions!

"My Three Sons" was one of my favorite TV shows growing up. I think it starred Fred MacMurray. But this post is about my three sons...

One of my greatest joys of the past few years has been playing slow-pitch softball with Wes and Mark. This fall, now that Brad and Jayne moved back to Denver, Brad is playing,too.

A couple of years ago Wes formed a softball team with several of his and Mark's high school and college buddies called "The Naturals." This fall we added Brad and two of his former teammates. And they keep saying they need me to pitch so I get to play with a bunch of 25-33 year old guys... how cool is that?

This fall we finished in a tie for first place during the regular season and then entered playoffs as the two seed. This week Wednesday, we won the championship game 23-18 on a very cold 45 degree night. Felt like an October World Series game.... well, it did to us, anyway.

But this post is just about the chance to play with my adult sons. 8 years ago as many of you will remember, I was recovering from both prostate cancer and a heart attack just before Mark and Abby's wedding. So now to be healthy enough to play softball with my boys is such a gift! God has indeed granted this wonderful blessing, and not one game goes by without me giving Him praise and thanks...although, I do have to put up with my boy's constant coaching.... "Keep your back shoulder up, Dad," "Don't scoop your swing," Stop thinking so much, just pitch!"

Anyway, the picture above is of the Naturals in our championship T-shirts. Thanks for letting me play guys... and thanks for letting me play, God!


Cara S. said...

Wes is not the blog-comment type, but he too, was very excited about the victory. He said to me that if he gets to play on a team with Brady, Landon, and Payton's husband some day, it would be a dream come true. :)

boschkp said...

Congrats! All is a true blessing in so many ways. Glad you are enjoying playing with the "boys".