Monday, October 1, 2012

Grand kids = grand times!

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, Barb and I get to babysit some of our 8 grandchildren on a rotating basis. Actually, Barb does 99% of it and generally chases me out the door, but I do help once in awhile. It amazes me to see Barb keep everyone's schedules in her head and know when they arrive, who needs lunch and who needs to get picked up from school on what day at what time.
But this fall has been fun to see our one granddaughter, Payton (8) and then all 7 boys come over at various times. Imagine this crew with seven boys five and under! Whoa!

Here are some of the highlights from this fall:

Payton and Brady leaving from our house for thier first day of school:

Brady waiting in line for his first day of kindergarten:

Landon enjoying alone time with Oma and Opa after we dropped Payton and Brady off at school. He thought it was really cool to have a pinic outside without his older brother and sister in the way!
This is a typical lunch time at our house. Yes, they are all boys. From the left: Nolan(4),Heath,(2),Brooks(9 months), Barb(62 and amazing), Cohen (2) and Landon (1).
Landon is here from the early morning on.
Mark and Abby's three arrive at lunchtime
and starting in a couple of weeks after Jayne goes back to work, Cohen and baby Arie will arrive when Brad goes to school. 

Cohen and Arie (6 weeks) spent an afternoon with Opa while Jayne and Barb went shopping for baby stuff. Oh, I am such a good Opa!
 This is Arie saying: " I am such a cool dude!"

This is Arie smiling.... yep, pretty sure that is a smile! (-:

Eight grandchildren, all living within 10 miles of our house. Is God good or what?

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Cara S. said...

Hooray for a new blog! And hooray for such amazing grandparents! WE are blessed by you!